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In the process of transportation of Museum cabinets, we need to pay attention to a lot of knowledge in order to ensure the quality of products. Today, let's take a look at the safety transportation knowledge of Museum cabinets.

Before unloading the exhibition cabinet, contact the person in charge of the construction site in advance to help arrange the place and channel for goods placement. In the process of transfer, full consideration should be given to the safety and no injury to other buildings and equipment. More than two personnel should be transferred. After the goods are transferred, the waste should be treated.

Before important matters, determine the location of the display cabinet, determine the transfer road and arrange personnel to transfer the goods to the designated location, without affecting the operation of other construction personnel. When unloading from the vehicle, the safety insurance shall be removed at the designated position.

In case of indoor transfer, more than two persons shall be transferred under the condition of ensuring safety.

Open the box carefully to prevent damage to the cabinet; remove the wooden package for transportation and arrange the packing paper in time. Before assembly, sufficient protection and arrangement shall be carried out on the ground, and the exhibition cabinet shall be pushed to the corresponding position to connect and fix the foundation with connectors. The structure shall be established and installed by more than four people to prevent collision. Install the lamp, fix the spotlight in the hole reserved in advance, and fix the T5 light supplement in series.